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Comercial Industrial and Residential Data Mannagment porpouse

A//This system anyboddy can use for personal/bussiness and comercial data mannagment pourpose.

B//Accounts,Storage,Sallary,Employee,Coustomer,Due payment Monthly/Daily or Yearly savings/expences,Market cost,Rent Daily useg every data can store and mannage by this system.

C//This system made for calculate your every need as your benifit.

D//Dont keep or save any Bank ac no. Credit/Debit card no. in this system.(Employee Data main) option is not saveble only for print data.So you can write there.

1//When you use the system first you have to choose which option you select for your employee from the system. Only the choosen system link you will give to your employee others not.By this you can keep secret your Data privecy.Especially (Storage,price & group,coustomer data,sellary record,Employee data.) this all are very sensetive. If you need to handover these items you must take your own privecy first like (contract papper) or others.And the paper should be named by the system option name.

1.A//Do not give you home page password to any body.

1.B//Do not give any link password without contract papper throw anybody.

2//Rest other option you can handover (by your own authority) only the system link.Others link will not.When you open the page in browuser there will be a link thats only you can handover.

2/A.For your empolyee if you want to use this system you need to add gmail sever of every employee in database of (CUP) to get accurate data of your service. Otherwise you can use in any mail server but yu have to collect data from every mail server induvisually then collect inside your own.This type of step must be authorised by the owner of the company by contract paper with employee.This entire system however you use will provide data by your registerd mail,name and address.

2/B.When you share your system with your employee you will not transfer entire password of system to him/she.You just transfer the option password which he/she will use for data collection.When you nedd to collet or cheak data from employee profile then only you will use password by your own or your othorised person.

2/C.You wnat to order for your employee you have to order induvisually.

3//Without these rules if you done any mistake and need face any problom for that the app or authority are not responsible.

4//If you use in home thats up to you whome you believe or not. But if you handover any system option that is your responsibility.

5//You are not allowed to handover the system link for sale or for edit.

6//If you agree with these terms and condition then only you use the system otherwise dont use.When you disagree you contac with us by support link (phone,email) you will get back your monney within 15 days.

7//You need any Domain or Hosting support contract us to get easily.Fill the form and send us mail or call in support no.


You agree the terms and condition then follow the system.

1//Fill up the form besides bellow.Write details about your service type in massage box you want to use.(With the URL of this site also add). Then take a screen shots of the appointment sector together the form and email us (the email address given bellow).We will send you the paying method then you can start your work. Be Happy.

2//If you have any query or you need any help to oparete the system you call in support no. or fill up the form about your problom and mail in gmail address given bellow.